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Congo: Death threats against chairman and members of CODHO

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The Committee of Observers of Human Rights (CODHO) is concerned about the situation of harassment aimed against bullying the lawyer N’Sii LUANDA, president and other members CODHO of the association in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Yesterday 15 June, in the morning, the national authorities of the National Intelligence Agency (ANR) have met the held incommunicado cells located inside the cabinet of the Deputy Head of the ANR. In their message, the authorities threatened to throw in the Congo River all inmates who work with CODHO. These authorities have also uttered a death threat against the lawyer N’Sii Luanda, President of CODHO, saying what will destroy from France where he currently resides. They added that in case of failure, these national authorities to seize the ANR Interpol to question the president CODHO in France and bring it by force in Congo. Subsequently, the authorities have also announced the hunt for members of CODHO in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In this circumstance, a large photo of the lawyer N’Sii LUANDA to printing A1 size was presented to the detainees, adding that this photo will be distributed in all positions of the intelligence services inside the country as abroad, and border crossings.

Is it necessary to report the CODHO launched since the beginning of May, a campaign for the closure of secret prisons of the ANR in the Democratic Republic of Congo-a crime without previous- industry where men and women are currently detained for over 30 months. Patients have died by lack of care, rape against women organize themselves to their heart and a case of forced abortion after being raped repeatedly by the captors of these dungeons. Since the beginning of June the CODHO published photos of detainees -in their respectives- cells among the victims of torture and incommunicado detention under the administration of the national authorities of the ANR.

CODHO take seriously the statement which the Congolese national authorities are responsible and reserves the rights to complain at national, regional that international so to put an end to this industry crimes, particularly within the ANR in Kinshasa.

In addition, national authorities of the Democratic Republic of Congo are currently the focus of several accusations by being more unpunished crimes, including killings, enforced or involuntary disappearances, torture and arbitrary arrests and detentions and political convictions , especially from national leaders of the ANR in Kinshasa. These serious crimes are held mainly against human rights activist, trade unionists and independent journalists and members of political parties and groups of the opposition.

The Committee of Observers of Human Rights (CODHO) expressed concerns about the safety of his President the lawyer N’Sii LUANDA and the other members in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The CODHO request the judicial authorities to kindly initiate an investigation in connection with the statement made yesterday on June 15, by the authorities before a group held incommunicado cells located inside the cabinet of the Deputy Head of the ANR in order to identify all those responsible and prosecute.

“I can not in any way be intimidated by anyone be in the exercise of my activities of defender of human rights. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a party to several international legal instruments on human rights, and therefore the authorities are obliged to respect and promote them. Having already killed human rights activist, journalists and politicians in the Congo without having worried the principal authors and face this serious death threat against me and those of my colleagues in Congo, by ANR authorities only fuels our momentum in the defense of human rights of victims in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I remind the authorities that have programmed my death these two adages that say- those two days are alike but pas- Et- beyond the Nyiragongo volcano there are other more giant volcano, “said the lawyer N’Sii LUANDA. He added: “Sooner or later the authors of the current and past unpunished crimes answer for their actions before an independent judiciary. All Congolese must believe. ”


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Paris: Email: codho.france@gmail.com – Phone: 0033754153955


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